Thanks to Sourforge for this totally free space, the project is in planning stage, i think that the first version (alpha but no bug) will be out in 10 days.

I know, you are asking me: "hey, what this program do?"
well, the documentation will be putted out... bah don't know; for now this program is splitted in 2 parts: a daemon side and a web-interface side.
The daemon side is written in C, i think Linux POSIX compatibile, but i must search if the main function respect this standard. This part, runned from a root shell, write in /var/log/yaiptraf/ the log of HOW MANY traffic has you in 3600 sec.
Don't worry, this parameter for now you can change only in source file (and then recompile and so and so), but first of beta i will add --sleep and --dir part.
This part, as i said, write a file with "bytetransferred second_elapsed" form.
The second, written in php, open the file and write the statistic for all or some interface. At today, i haven't finished to write this part.

I hope you will return :)
21/05/2001: added the 2 file of this program (you can found it also in my sourceforge project dir.

I want the last version now!!

Palumbo Daniele
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